Each month, we share the stories of Lighthouse International clients, volunteers and employees who have overcome the challenges of vision loss in Voices of Hope. If you or a loved one have received services at Lighthouse International, let us know how our services have helped you!


head shot of Lauren
Lauren Oplinger
"I want to inspire others and prove you can still live a fulfilling life.”

head shot of Daniel Gillen
Daniel Gillen
"I want to work in three dimensions where you can move around freely"

head shot of Ms. Oliver
Shafonda Oliver
"You have to learn to manage new challenges"

head shot of Ms. Cooper
Eliza Cooper
"The Lighthouse is a Powerful Resource."

head shot of Mr. Judson
David Judson
"There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to help the Lighthouse."

head shot of Mr. Elefant
Artie Elefant
"I wasn't going to let vision loss stop me."

head shot of Artie
Artie Poggi
"It wasn't until I went to the Lighthouse that I got good care."

head shot of Fred
Fred Quick
"The Lighthouse is a place where someone can start a new life."

head shot of Rita
Rita Calvo
"I feel like I'm home when I'm at the Lighthouse"

head shot of Matthew
Matthew Whitaker
"The Lighthouse is like our second family"


head shot of Stan
Stan Hirschberg
"I think I’ve helped a lot of people. I find http://www.lighthouse.orgteaching very rewarding."

head shot of Henry
Henry Cruz
"The day I got my eyesight back was one of the most amazing days of my life."

head shot of Suleiman
Suleiman Rifai
"The Lighthouse is where I discovered that there is life."

head shot of Babbette
Babette Haggerty & Sarah Brennan
"Just because you don’t see like other people, that’s not a reason not to move forward in your life."

head shot of Yerkhttp://www.lighthouse.orgo
Yerko Difonis
"The Lighthouse is a good place for anyone who wants to learn."

head shot of Joey DelVecchio
Joey DelVecchio
"My dream is to be mayor."

head shot of Shuray
Shuray Bethea
"I think our world needs more Lighthouses."

head shot of Liliete
Liliete Lopez
"The Lighthouse supported me so much that I began to believe I might succeed."

head shot of Marie Gilles
Marie Gilles
"Learning to help myself was important."

head shot of Hugues
Hugues de Montalembert
"All the tools to go back to life were offered to me, but it was up to me to grab hold of them."

head shot of Anna
Anna Guseva
"New worlds are open to Anna."

head shot of Angel Estrada
Angel Estrada
"Now I tell all my friends at the senior center to get their eyes checked."



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