Vision loss is not something only those of a certain age have to deal with. Lighthouse International knows that vision loss can happen at any time throughout the lifespan. And it is with that in mind that we offer the following services for children and youth.

Intervention »

early intervention - photo of a happy young boy

Our Early Intervention Program is dedicated to helping children -- from birth to three years old -- with developmental delays, who also may be at risk for vision impairment. Learn more about Early Intervention.

The Ethel and Samuel
J. LeFrak School »

child development center - cdc - photo of a little girl learning

A fun preschool with special education services and Universal Pre-Kindergarten, where sighted children and visually impaired children learn side-by-side. Enroll today!

Services »

youth services - photograph of teenagers

Enables teens with vision loss to build confidence and independent living skills to achieve success in school and, ultimately, in the working world.

Comprehensive Music Program for Young People (CMPYP) »

Comprehensive music program for young people - photo of students playing a concert

An innovative program for young students to promote an encourage a love of all things music.



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