Admission Criteria

• Admission is open to all individuals though offerings are primarily directed toward those with documented functional vision impairments.
• Priority admission is given to individuals who are receiving, or who have received, vision rehabilitation services from Lighthouse International.
• Based on an assessment of needs and abilities by our clinical and Music Program staff, admission is provided without regard to race, creed, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation or veteran status.
• Admission to advanced classes and performance groups requires completion of prerequisite classes and/or an audition demonstrating the required level of knowledge and skill.
• The Comprehensive Music Program for Young People is open for enrollment on a limited basis to students from the community who are sighted. For fee information, call (212) 821-9660.
• Our staff is available to consult with you on establishing goals and selecting the courses best for you. To make an appointment, call (212) 821-9660.


• You must register in person during the specified dates. If you can’t, due to special circumstances, please call (212) 821-9660 prior to registration, so that alternate arrangements may be made.
• If you are visually impaired and requesting a scholarship, you must provide the required financial documents (SSI, SSDI, SSA award letter; income statements from taxes, including Form 1040 or W2). Financial assessments will only be made during the registration period.
• Completion of registration does not guarantee availability of instructors, individual lessons or classes.

Late Registration

If you register after the fourth week of the semester, tuition will be appropriately prorated and the entire remaining semester amount must be paid before the start of the first lesson/class. Please be aware that scholarships will not be available for those who register late.

Fees and Payments

Fees are semester-based and determined by the type of course offered.

Please note that the fees listed reflect a substantial tuition subsidy for people who are visually impaired.

The registration fee is $10 per semester (nonrefundable). For families with more than one child enrolled, the registration fee is $15

Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 Semesters (16 weeks each)

Individual lessons - $350

Group classes -$245

Performance ensembles
(if you’re enrolled in individual lessons, one performance ensemble fee will be waived) - $75

Comprehensive Music Program for Young People $350*

*Through the generosity of Lighthouse International donors, all students who are visually impaired benefit from a tuition subsidy. Tuition packages are available upon request for students who are sighted.

Payment Procedures

At the time of enrollment:
New students must pay the registration fee plus 50% of the tuition cost in order for class/lesson requests to be processed.

Returning students must pay the registration fee and 20% of the tuition cost unless a payment plan is negotiated at the time of registration. The remainder of fees is expected to be paid upon receipt of the tuition invoice.

• Payment can be made by cash, check (payable to Lighthouse International) or credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express). If paying by cash, please make every effort to use exact change.
• Payment can be made in person at the Music School or by mail.
• To ensure that your payment by mail is correctly processed:

  • include a check or money order only
  • include the invoice stub
  • use the enclosed Music School pre-addressed return envelope to ensure your payment is not misdirected to another Lighthouse department

Cancellation Policy

We may cancel classes if enrollment is insufficient, or if an instructor is unavailable. In the event of cancellation, registered students will be notified and given a full refund. If you choose to withdraw, a full refund will be made before the first class. There is no refund after the third class. Registration fees are nonrefundable and apply only to the semester for which you enroll.

Make-up Lessons

All lessons must be paid for, whether taken or missed. Instructors are not required to make up lessons that are cancelled by students. If an instructor cancels, a makeup lesson will be arranged.

Scholarships and Awards

Need-Based Scholarships: Eligibility Criteria

• Scholarships that are awarded based on financial need are applicable towards one lesson or class per semester. If you wish to take additional classes or individual lessons, you must pay full fees for these. Multiple individual lessons are subject to administrative approval and instructor availability.
• Eligibility is determined prior to your first semester of course work.
• Applications are required only once per academic year. These applications may only be accepted or renewed during the two-week registration period prior to the fall or spring semester.
• If attendance and effort are not evident, or if student evaluations do not meet expectations, scholarships will be withdrawn and/or not be renewed.

Need-Based Scholarships: Application Procedure

Submit a scholarship application to the Music School. Scholarships are available to individuals who:

• Have documented functional vision impairment
• Verify financial eligibility based on the Lighthouse sliding fee scale policy, which adhere to the federal poverty guidelines
• Present acceptable financial documents: SSI, SSDI, SSA award letter; income statements from taxes, including Form 1040 or W2
• Demonstrate a commitment to the Music School and to your music curriculum

Scholarship renewals are evaluated on the basis of progress, ability, diligence, commitment, attendance and performance.

• Irwin H. Widelitz Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded once per year to a young student enrolled in the Comprehensive Music Program for Young People who shows talent, merit and commitment to the Music School. The scholarship is intended to help defray the high cost of a music education.

Florence Dix Kronsky Award

This award is presented once annually to a student who has made significant contributions to the Music School community and to the community at large, promoting advocacy and outreach through performances and/or philanthropic efforts. Florence Dix Kronsky was a generous benefactor who believed in providing equal access to print music. She achieved her vision for us through the establishment of a volunteer program dedicated to producing large print music. Today this program has evolved into large print production through music technology but her legacy and vision of equal access remain strong — and at the core of our school.

Catherine Kramer Concert Series

Catherine Kramer was a longtime volunteer and friend of our Music School. A concert series in her name features the diverse talents of students, faculty, alumni and guest artists. Production of this concert series is supported in part by funds received by the C.L.C. Kramer Foundation. For specific dates, times and programs, call (212) 821-9660 and watch for our seasonal postcard announcements.

D’Agostino Performance Hour Series

In-house and public performances reflect your achievements as a musician and performer. Our performance hour series is held in the late afternoon at least once per month during the course of a semester. It will provide wonderful opportunities for you to try out new pieces, test recital and audition repertoire, and learn firsthand about the challenges of performance anxiety. Enrolled students, faculty, visiting guest artists and those who rent our studios on a regular basis will be eligible to perform. With your instructor’s recommendation, you will be requested to participate in at least one recital during the semester. If you’re enrolled in individual lessons and performance ensembles, you may also be asked to perform in recitals at the Lighthouse or other venues in the community. These performances are part of your performance training. Dates and times for recitals will be determined at the start of each semester.

Lighthouse Music Studios

Our sound-treated music studios are available for practice and can be reserved during business hours when staff members are available.Call the Music School at (212) 821-9660 to schedule time, which will be granted on a space availability basis. (Please note: no food or beverages are allowed in the studios.)

Individual performers and nonprofit organizations are also invited to take advantage of our state-of-the-art facilities at highly competitive rental rates. To schedule time, contact the Music School rental space hotline at (212) 821-9711 or via email at

The Music School Student Council: Make Your Voice Heard

Elected by students to represent their interests, the Council reviews student and organizational issues, and offers recommendations to the Executive Director and Lighthouse administration. It meets on the second Tuesday of every month. Individual comments are welcome; call the Council at (212) 821-9660.

Since its inception in 1996, the Student Council has contributed greatly to the promotion and operations of the Music School student body. A few of the notable achievements include:

• Lobbying for Student ID Badges
• Coordinating student/family advocacy efforts on Access-a-Ride issues
• Establishing the Annual Performathon, for which the students themselves have generated over $30,000 in the first five years
• Other fundraising events, such as the annual bake sales and raffles

Members of the 2012-2013 Student Council for The Filomen M. D’Agostino Greenberg Music School of Lighthouse International

• William Robinson, Chair • Enid Bourne • Rosa Ramirez Pedulla • Fred Dalidowicz • Maria Rios • Brian Maguire • Joseph Russo • Salvatore Moscato • Lynnette Tatum




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