The Comprehensive Music Program for Young People (CMPYP) provides high quality music training for students ages 7-18. The school operates Saturdays on a 32-week academic year and a multi-week summer session. CMPYP began in 2002 with just five children, and now includes 30 students from all five boroughs of New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, Westchester County, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. In addition to individual lessons and class instruction, CMPYP students participate in organized outings to performances and cultural venues in New York, which provide them with integrated arts experiences that include touch tours, interactive demonstrations, coordinated art projects, and live musicians in concert.

The Sixth Annual Music School Performathon on December 8, 2012. Learn more about this wonderful event - and donate to support the participants!

Check out a great video of the CMPYP Showcase:

We offer several classes as part of this innovative program: solfège/theory/braille music, computer sequencing, percussion, music appreciation, instrumental ensemble and youth chorus. Classes are 45 minutes in length and are held in rotation.

We strive to customize the experience for each student based on interests, needs, abilities and age. Every student will receive a minimum of three classes as part of the CMPYP curriculum. Additional music classes will incur an additional fee.

View the video for the Lighthouse Percussion Kids concert!

Prerequisite: Ages 7 – 18

What You Will Learn:

General Music

  • Basic musical skills that help establish a strong foundation for advanced musicianship
  • To practice basic musical skills, such as how to sing in tune and how to develop a sense of rhythm and meter using various creative activities

photograph of students practicing guitar on a pierSolfege/Theory/Braille Music Class

  • To sight-sing using solfège syllables
  • To notate music in staff or Braille format
  • To understand basic theory concepts, including intervals, scales and chords

Percussion Class

  • Basic rhythmic development using call and response technique
  • Exposure to African, Latin and Caribbean percussion instruments, styles and rhythm
  • To gain valuable ensemble experience and social integration skills

Computer Sequencing

  • Introduction to computer music software using assistive speech or print technology
  • To record on multiple tracks, edit and arrange music using the latest music technology

Youth Chorus

  • To sing and blend in unison
  • To explore two-part singing
  • To discover music of other cultures

Instrumental Ensemble

  • The fundamentals of wind, percussion or keyboard play in
  • To play together in an ensemble setting
  • To experience music from diverse cultures and styles
photograph of hands on a piano

National Dance Institute (NDI) Program
The Music School partners with NDI for Saturday dance classes; the cost is included in the CMPYP tuition. Students are encouraged to participate in this wonderful offering, which has two class sections -10:30 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. - divided according to age and/or ability.

Please Note:
There will be regularly scheduled performances and field trips to concerts, museums and musical events in the city.

Program Director:  Dr. Dalia Sakas
Faculty: Jennifer Apsel; Svetlana Avezbakiyeva; Katharine Flanders; Deborah Deyo-Howe; Juan Pablo Horcasitas; Yo Kano; Alejandra Lagos; Owen Stewart-Robertson; Marc Wagnon

Fees and Payments:
Fall 2010/Spring 2011 semester (16 weeks)

  • Comprehensive Music Program for Young People: $310*
  • Individual lessons: $320 (additional)
  • Fees are semester-based and determined by the type of course offered.
  • Please note that the fees listed in this catalog reflect a substantial tuition subsidy for people who are visually impaired.
  • The registration fee is $10 per semester (non-refundable). You must pay this at the time of enrollment in order for your class/lesson requests to be processed. For families with more than one child enrolled, the registration fee is $15.

*Through the generosity of Lighthouse International donors, all students who are visually impaired benefit from a tuition subsidy.  Tuition packages are available upon request for students who are sighted.

Your cost: see Policies and Procedures


"The school has enriched my life in ways that words cannot describe. The smiles, the laughter, the endless joy! I am so thankful for the opportunity to be part of a truly special program that changes the lives of all those involved." — Travis Howe, Lighthouse Volunteer

“The comprehensive music program has enriched our daughter's life in so many ways. The school embraces each child individually and collectively. In addition to their weekly classes, they have taken fabulous field trips to the theater, museums and art studios. Thank you for being there for her and for us! — Parent

“I found your students so curious and [filled] with Lennon's spirit that their rendition of "Imagine" was quite stirring.” Tim Riley, NPR critic and author of the new biography, “Lennon: The Man, the Myth, the Music — The Definitive Life.



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