photo of a man reading braille
  • Braille Services, transcribing a wide variety of written material to braille, from either electronic format or print.

  • Recording Service, recording a wide range of materials for personal and professional use.

  • Reading Service, reading to adults with impaired vision to support their employment or academic endeavors.

The Print Access Center can convert all kinds of conventional printed material into an accessible format, by enlarging or scanning it, or by translating a document into braille (some restrictions apply). We can also download documents and resources from the Internet.

Braille Services are available to any person or company wishing to have material transcribed into braille.

Types of material transcribed include:

  • menus, letters, and greeting cards
  • college exams
  • radio and TV scripts for commercials
  • signage and brochures for museum exhibits
  • licensure board exams
  • healthcare provider member handbooks

For braille transcription, contact Fran Libowitz via e-mail at or by phone at (212) 821-9689.

The Lighthouse Recording Service handles material from numerous sources, including:

  • health care provider member handbooks
  • instructional booklets and pamphlets
  • licensing examinations
  • juror handbooks
  • religious manuals
  • charts and graphs from text books

For recording services contact Rosie Lopez via email at or by phone at (212) 821-9682.

The Reading Service schedules day and evening (Monday through Thursday) appointments in our reading rooms at our Manhattan headquarters. Volunteers read to adults on a one-to-one basis. The majority of the material is work-oriented or academic in nature. For more information about Lighthouse Print Access Center services, contact: Rosie Lopez at (212) 821-9683 or via e-mail For more information about volunteering to read, visit our Volunteer section.

For more information about local services:



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