Finding and retaining a job, especially in these tough economic times, can be a daunting task for anyone. But if you are losing your sight, or have low vision, the task can be even harder. Lighthouse International is here to help anyone with a visual impairment find employment.

Photograph of a woman who learned how to keep her job at the Lighthouse

What We Can Offer You

Job Placement – We will assist in resume and cover letter development, interviewing strategies, job accommodations, and job placement. And we stay connected with you while you are making that transition into work.

Internships – Not only for high school and college students, internships allow a three-month “try out” of the job for the employer and a training program for the employee.

Pre-Employment Training – A four-week course designed to assist in marketing your skills and abilities to employers. We also discuss disclosure issues in the employment process and what to wear on the interview.

Job Retention – We conduct an on-site analysis of your current position and recommend appropriate accommodations.

Employer Presentations – As requested by many companies, we are able to present to human resource professionals and hiring managers to enable them to fully integrate and accommodate people with visual impairments in their workforces.

If you are visually impaired and looking for help finding employment, please fill out our contact form or call (212) 821-9200.

Lighthouse International also offers a Youth Employment Program for teenagers seeking employment during the school year or throughout the summer months.

Please note: Career Services is not responsible for hiring opportunities at Lighthouse International. Visit our Employment Opportunities page if you're interested in working for Lighthouse International.



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