Research studyThe Arlene R. Gordon Research Institute is a leader in vision research that improves the quality of life for individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

The Institute is dedicated to:

  • Engaging in new research that benefits low-vision populations
  • Developing effective methodologies and training programs that maximize sight among of low-vision populations
  • Partnering with government agencies, businesses and not-for-profits on new initiatives and technologies to enhance low-vision function
  • Designing objective criteria to assess the efficacy of new products that benefit low-vision populations

The Arlene R. Gordon Research Institute and its staff is committed to the highest professional and ethical standards. We engage in respectful and compassionate interactions with all our trial participants. For more information, contact us at

BrainPort »

We are currently accepting new subjects for the BrainPort research project. If you are blind with no light perception and are interested in participating, please contact Ed Pei at (212) 821-9496 or Subjects must agree to use Brainport at home for at least five hours per week and to return to the Lighthouse for testing every three months. Subjects who qualify will be compensated for their time. Read on for more information about BrainPort.



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