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The Henry A. Grunwald Award for Public Service, inaugurated in 2001 by Lighthouse International, recognizes individuals who are committed to advancing causes that benefit society overall and ― of particular significance for the Lighthouse ― to advancing public awareness of vision impairment and vision rehabilitation. The award is named for the late Mr. Grunwald, a former member of the Lighthouse Board of Directors, who was the first to receive the honor.

During his lifetime, Mr. Grunwald was the US Ambassador to Austria, Editor-in-Chief of Time Inc., and noted author of Twilight: Losing Sight, Gaining Insight. The personal account of his experience with the onset of macular degeneration gave a much-needed public voice to the private struggles shared by millions of Americans. Through his groundbreaking book, Mr. Grunwald helped raise widespread ― and invaluable ― public awareness of vision impairment.

The 2013 Henry A. Grunwald Award for Public Service awardee is The Honorable Henry A. Kissinger, Nobel Peace Prize recipient and former Secretary of State

In 2012, the Lighthouse was honored to recognize Bob Pittman, CEO of Clear Channel and Linda Fairstein, Noted Author and Former Head Prosecutor of the Sex Crimes Unit of the Manhattan District Attorney's office.

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Previous Award Recipients:
Please Note: Titles listed were current at time award was received.

  • Bob Pittman, 2012
  • Linda Fairstein, 2012
  • Dr. Bruce Rosenthal, 2011
  • Anita Volz Wien, 2011
  • The Honorable Michael R. Bloomberg, 108th Mayor of New York City, 2010
  • Sir Howard Stringer, Chairman, CEO and President of Sony Corporation, 2009
  • Elaine and Stephen Wynn, Wynn Resorts, 2008
  • John Richardson, Picasso Biographer, 2008
  • US Sergeant First Class Jeffrey E. Mittman, 2007
  • Ellen Ratner, White House Correspondent and Bureau Chief, Talk Radio News Service; Political Editor and Washington Bureau Chief, TALKERS magazine; Contributor to the Fox News Channel, 2007
  • The Honorable Peter G. Peterson, Senior Chairman and Co-Founder, The Blackstone Group, 2007
  • Senator John E. Sununu (R-NH), 2004
  • Philip B. Miller, Former Chairman and CEO of Saks Fifth Avenue, 2003
  • Harry Belafonte, Humanitarian, 2002
  • Henry A. Grunwald, former US Ambassador to Austria, Editor-in-Chief of Time Inc., and noted author of Twilight: Losing Sight, Gaining Insight, 2001



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