Federal Legislation:

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The Glaucoma Screening Act of 2011 establishes a program that expands the coverage of screening for glaucoma to include individuals who are both older than 49 years of age and Hispanic. Contact your representative from Congress and let them know you support the Glaucoma Screening Act of 2011! Find your legislator.

The Disability Benefit Fairness Act of 2011 would eliminate the five month waiting period for an individual to be eligible for benefits based on disability. This is an important issue that everyone with a disability needs to get behind. Contact your representative from Congress today! Find your legislator.

New York State Legislation:

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SB3880 is an act that would grant licenses to vision rehabilitation professionals, including orientation and mobility specialists (O&M’s) and vision rehabilitation therapists (VRT’s). O&M’s and VRT’s teach people who are visually impaired to live safely and independently. Let your representative know you support vision rehab professionals! Find your legislator.

AB3427 is a bill that would establish the “Save Our Sight Program,” which promotes vision health and safety for children. The program would specifically target children with amblyopia. Let your state legislator know that helping low income children protect their vision is important! Find your legislator.

SB1623 is a bill that would require ATMs to be accessible for people with a visual impairment. Currently, most ATMS are inaccessible for people with vision impairments. This bill would level the playing field and allow anyone with a visual impairment to enjoy the same privileges their sighted companions do. Urge your legislator to sponsor this bill today! Find your legislator.



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