Vision loss is a growing problem in the U.S. and around the world. 285 million people worldwide have a visual impairment, 39 million of which are blind and 246 million of which have a moderate to severe visual impairment. Without intervention, that number will almost double by 2020. How can we battle this growing problem? You can help!

By speaking in one voice, Lighthouse International’s advocacy efforts can raise the level of awareness and increase the focus on low vision and blindness. With your help and support, we can provide a robust network of services that will meet the increased demands of low vision services in the future.

Please familiarize yourself with the current federal legislation so we can help those with low vision or blindness. Write to your elected officials and let your voice be heard! Together we can advocate for change that will benefit everyone with a visual impairment.

Current Legislation »

capitol building - link to current legislation

What are the current pieces of legislation that affect issues surrounding vision loss? Find out here!

Advocacy News »

Monument in Washington - link to Advocacy news

Catch up on the latest news regarding congressional briefings, government actions, and Lighthouse International’s advocacy efforts.



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