Cataracts - a condition so common, that by age 80, more than half of Americans will have developed or been treated for it. Because the disorder can develop over time, it is best to educate yourself about the risk factors and symptoms.

The good news is treatment is available and cataract surgery is extremely effective. Luckily, many people don’t require surgery at all, but rather need to be monitored by their doctors to track the progression of this condition.

Here you’ll find a wealth of information regarding cataracts from experts in the field. Arm yourself with knowledge be it for you or a loved one.

Simulation of cataract.  A street scene with an approximation of what somebody with cataract sees compared to normal vision

What is a Cataract? »

We've all heard of cataract, but what are they really?

Risk Factors & Symptoms of Cataracts »

Are you at risk for developing cataracts? Or are you experiencing symptoms? Find out.



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